Ambitious and no longer feeling guilty about it!

So! Another week huh! A busy one perhaps? Well if so, let me tell you something that might help ease your mind:

Research has proven that all the bad conscience we ambitious people carry around when it comes to the children might not be necessary. Turns out that kids don't care as much about how much we work as they do about how we act when we are finally around - so if you plan on coming home late most of the week try this out:

  1. make sure you have cleared your mind and tuned in to the "children channel" before entering the house - no spreading around "stressed out work energy" - hit the famous "pause" button!
  2. schedule a dedicated moment with the kids every night - it doesn't even have to be a long one as long as they can depend upon it and look forward to it. We implemented a "Daddy and Felix Hour" between 6 and 7 every night when Felix was younger - an hour in Felix room, just daddy and him - the absolute highlight of his day!
  3. Give them a moment to look forward to everyday. When I worked in Copenhagen and left early/came home late I used to draw a picture of what I wanted to do with my 3-year old son that evening. I would hang it next to his bed so that everyday he woke up he was presented with a visual image of what we were going to do that evening: read a book, throw snowballs, go for a bicycle ride, hug!.... 
Stay ambitious! Stay happy! It is possible!

Love ya!

PS Thank you soooo much for all the kind feedback I received from you last week. It meant the world to me! And rest assure I have much more for you guys - so keep showing up and I will overdose you with happy pills every weekday morning!


  1. Thanks you wise chick! This one I will remember - way too ofter I'm miles away while sitting and playing with tractors. <3

  2. No not you darling Minna! You are the most present mom I know! Love to you!