Be spontaneous = be happy

So I’m at work and it crosses my mind that I haven’t seen some of our closest friends for a really long time. I miss them. I long for a chat with them. A glass of wine. Admiring my girlfriend’s beautiful laughter.

BUT then reality kicks in. And I’m brutally reminded of the fact that our living room looks like shit, I’ll will be working late most of the week, and our 5-year old seems to be coming down with something because he’s been awfully cranky when I pick him up from school in the evenings…so better WAIT until things have settled down. Right? Or? Will that week ever come? Isn’t that “waiting part” just bullshit. And didn’t we agree that life was supposed to be about “the journey” and not the never-ending search for the “perfect moment”.

Being spontaneous truly is one of the most underestimated tools you can use in your everyday busy life. Right when things seem to comfortably glide into a state of “routine” then surprise your self, and life, by being spontaneous and go in the other direction! So go ahead pick up the phone, call your friends and invite them for dinner! No way should a messy living room come between you and a "happy moment" with friends. And by the way, here is how you get around the living room part as well as the cooking, dishes and cranky kids: 

Get it? Be spontaneous...be happy!
Have an amazing day!


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