Can a happy blogger be sad?

Is it dishonest to write a blog about happiness on a day when you feel all other than happy! Is it even fair to preach happiness to a world where many people actually have real problems?

I actually thought a lot about that last night when I found out that my dog Bruno (read family member/guru/mentor/third son) has a really shitty disease. My entire family completely broke down and during my evening walk in the storm I thought to myself: much good all that happiness stuff is doing you now!

But then I realized something - this blog is not about teaching you to be happy ALL the time. This blog is about giving you faith that should you ever WANT TO choose happiness there are always ways for you to do so. This blog is about the fact that no person should have to go through life/go to work/be in a relationship/hang out with certain people feeling crappy. YOU always have a choice to switch to a higher frequency no matter the situation. And that frequency will take you through whatever challenges you might face in life and show you the answers you are many times unable to come up with yourself!

You can and will hang out on a lower frequency once in a while - you should just know that you will never grow as a person on that frequency and you rarely ever solve any problems down there. And even if you are unsure now how to actually make the switch to a higher frequency - believe me the world is full of people who do - and I will bring them to you! Their tools, their thoughts, their philosophies!

So although I feel a big knot in my tummy this morning I also feel:

  • it is totally okay that I do so - this is not going to last forever - I'm just going to embrace sadness for a while...
  • and the minute I feel ready to let go of my sadness and work myself up to a higher frequency again I have the power to do so...
  • and should I for some reason loose track of that power I am surrounded by people who will pull me up and make it happen - I don't have to do it alone all the time...

Take this with you this weekend:
Life is such an amazing gift! Open it with a big fat smile every morning. And even on days when that smile isn't totally sincere then know YOU have the power to change that!

I'm so extremely grateful you are all part of my life today!

Love ya!


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