The day a pillow changed my life!

At one point in my life I hit rock bottom. After having worked 24/7 in New York during the entire IT-bubble I simply collapsed – body and mind! Left was the shadow of the woman I used to be. Bitter instead of giggling. Hating my job instead of being obsessed with it. Worn out instead of young and fresh. And worst of all I wanted to blame the entire world for feeling that way.

But all that changed quite dramatically when I stepped in to a store in Los Angeles and suddenly found myself with a pillow in my hands saying:

“If you want to promote world peace go home and love your family”
Mother Teresa

It truly felt like lightning had struck me and I realized that in order for me to move on and learn from the whole experience I had to take responsibility for my own actions and start by going home and love my self, my life, my situation!

I have carried that message with me ever since!
Life is not always as complicated as we tend to make it.
All you have to do to make this the happiest day of your life is to go home tonight and love the life you have created for yourself!
'Til tomorrow!
Love ya


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