Drink cheap champagne on a sick-day!

I'm a big believer in the "make every day special" concept. And I'm not talking "gee great, thanks, another freaking thing to add to my loooong to-do list" kind of stuff. No, I'm just thinking minor "pimp your day" efforts. Like:
  • bring your own candles on your business trip
  • give everyone in the meeting an autumn leaf from your morning walk
  • drink cheap champagne on a sick-day
...small stuff like that that lightens up your day...your life!

So of course I totally fell in love with this guy who decided to apply my life philosophy to selling a car (!!!) by doing some major "pimp-my-car-home-staging". Will you take a look at this and tell me if that doesn't make that cute little heart of yours go: boom boom! tjicka boom?

Love ya!


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