"High frequency living" kicks butt!

You often hear me talking about "high frequency living" - and you will be hearing a lot more of it so you might as well get on board! Let's start with the absolute basic idea:

Every day, moment, situation, phase of your life...you have a choice! A choice that will significantly define the kind of person you are, the kind of life you will live and the kind of opportunities that will come your way! And the life-chaning question is:

Will you choose to live your life on 

Low frequency =
Picture your life as a radio that is set in between two radio stations - no messages coming through, no energy, no flow, just a lot of really annoying noice! On this lower frequency you only get to hang out with other people who have chosen to tune in to the "in betweenFM" station and you only attract low frequency opportunities in life (mostly known as "challenges").

High frequency =
Your life is tuned in to the "My life is freaking awesomeFM" station. The signals are crispy clear! Energy is flowing down to you with amazing thoughts and ideas. You are on a high! You think positive! You are carried through life on a wave of great funky music (quite possibly by Prince....smile). You meet other high frequency people and together you create high frequency opportunities that are beyond your imagination.

So! The simply question you have to answer is: which frequency will you be on?
And your challenge will be, should you choose the high frequency, to switch to that frequency and remain there! And that is where I come in! I will teach you how to consciously move yourself from a low to a high frequency - right in the middle of your everyday busy life. I will provide you with the tools. The mindset. The exercises you need! And quite frankly I will not rest until you have learned it!

But for now I just want YOU to make the choice yourself! And really mean it!
Feel the difference! During your day think of the difference between high and low frequency:

  • was this a high frequency meeting or a low!
  • was that a high frequency decision or low!
  • does my house feel like a high frequency home or low?
  • is this person another high frequency person or low?

Think about it, and let me know what you come up with, and get your butt back here tomorrow so I can overdose you with another high frequency happy pill!

Love ya!


  1. Great blogpost Trine! I attended a seminar this morning on Energy Management - addressing how low/bad energy depletes us and those around us and how high/good energy AKA high frequency energizes everyone and leads us to great results! You are ahead of the game in your thinking!

  2. Awesome Ebba! What an excited world we live in! I was in Copenhagen last night and was exposed to the same kind of message there! Must hear more about your seminar - exciting!