It ain't about the bling bling!

I just love love love when small things can make a big happy impact in a busy world. Just proves that it ain't about the bling bling! That small stuff - that doesn't cost a lot and doesn't require a lot of effort - can take you from a low frequency to a high in no time!!

Here is an example I've been practicing for over 20 years now:

Every year when the chestnuts have fallen to the ground and they lay there all beautiful and shining I collect a bunch of them and put one on the desk of each one of my colleagues - we are talking Paris, New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen - I've done them all! It is just a small gesture - but an amazingly beautiful one. And NO, not everyone will get how extraordinary they are - but they will at least know that I was thinking of them during my walk to work and that they play an important role in my life! And that alone does count for something!

My colleague/childhood friend Åsa has been given a chestnut by me for years now and she knows that:

  • if you put them in your pocket you can caress them whenever you feel frustrated.
  • you can polish their fine texture so they get all shiny whenever you need a moment to slow down (and then compete who's got the shiniest chestnut...and yes people do tend to do this).
  • and best of all: you can do so until April - at which point they usually dry out!

So, go ahead! Now is the season! Find some chestnuts and put them on your colleague's desks today! I've put one on Åsa's desk - can't wait for her to see it! I'll post a picture later on Trines's Blog on Facebook and show you how she reacted.

Love ya!


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