Kids! Gather in the bathroom!

My mom is a nurse. As a child she used to go to Norway every year to make some extra money. Most of the time that somehow left us kids all by ourselves for a week or two which was kind of a drag when you were brought up on the countryside. But all the hassle was soon forgotten upon her return when she would say the words we all loved to hear: Kids! Gather in the bathroom!

All of us would then run into the bathroom and squeeze in to the bathtub (with our clothes on) and then my mom would bring out: THE MONEY!!!! Every year when she got paid from Norway she withdrew the entire salary in cash - small bills! And in the bathroom we would get a small pile of money each and then throw them up in the air while screaming: We are rich! We are rich!

Today, I understand it is important to have a healthy relationship with money. But the thing is I don't know if I have a healthy relationship with money I just know I have a very happy one!

My adorable mom!
Photo by: Minna Mercke Schmidt
Love ya!

Should you need to work on YOUR relationship with money here is where I would start:

My dear friends Kirsten Stendevad and Christine Eilvig have taught me soooo much through Millionøse Metoden (sorry Danish only)

My amazingly intelligent friend Nina Jansdotter was generous enough to provide me and the world with her free e-book Ta makten över dina pengar (sorry Swedish only)

Perhaps take this workshop and become a Goddess!...they apparently have a healthy relationship with money  - a lovely transforming online-video-workshop on ZenTV - in English yaaaa!
"From woman to Goddess" 
Kirsten Stendevad 


  1. Wow, Trine, you and your mom are such wise women! And so extraordinary in so many ways. The funny thing for me is that you are so full of Genious that it is obvious to me that one day soon you can bathe your own kids in international currency from around the globe. I just love that all you do is about creating a very, very rich life for yourself and others. I am so moved, touched and inspired by you and your fabulous zentv.se. Looking forward to next blog and to seeing you live again. A Zillion hugs, K