Focus my friends! Focus!

I'm att the airport on my way to Stockholm to yet another inspiring event with 4Good. I'm also going to hook up with my girlfriend from New York, former Kid Creole "coconut" (respeeeeeect!!!!) Janique Svedberg (starring in ZenTV's online-video-workshop: Help! and talking at tonight's event: Shine). Looking forward to it!

With me I carry some very VERY wise words from my teacher/guru/mentor/coach Lotta Alsén (remember I'm attending her 100-days leadership program: Quickening).

In this week's class Lotta encouraged us all to be aware of where we put our focus in life. Whenever we face a problem/challenge we tend to put all our focus on that particular problem. And in the process we become a "victim" of the situation because at the end of the day we are not in control of the particular problem. But what we are in control of is our own thoughts and feelings. SO, instead of placing our focus and energy on the problem focus INWARD. Focus on what YOU want. 

Example: Let's say I have a hard time selling a product on ZenTV. It worries me. I spend all my energy trying to figure out how we can better sell this product. More marketing? Better packaging? Suddenly I'm in the hands of the problem and I can very easy start to think too much and perhaps even let destructive/non creative thoughts take over completely.

Instead I should have realized that the "problem" is not of interest here. What is of interest is what I WANT! What is it I'm trying to accomplish with ZenTV and this product! If you spend your time and energy answering that question you remain in control. You create your own life. Your own destiny. And the problem will be solved in the process - I promise you!

Think about it!
Makes zense!

Love ya!


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