For the rainy days!

I just love the fact that the world is full of answers, solutions, tools you can use whenever you wish to switch to a higher frequency - even without any efforts from you!

Here's an app that might do the trick!
It's called the "Moodagent" and it will let your music match your mood!
OR what the creators might not have thought of - it can help you switch to another mood!
Simply choose the mood you would like to be in and make the music do the work!

Check it out! Moodagent!

PS Last week the artists Pierre Sauvageot and Lieux Publics, visited Copenhagen with their giant installation of wind powered instruments called Harmonic Fields. The idea came as a result of Sauvageot, getting tired of working with electronic music. Thus, in the course of 2-3 years, Pierre Sauvageot and Lieux Publics created 30-40 different types of instruments, including windmills triggering bells, giant bamboo flutes, metal cellos. Here is a video to give you an idea of the sounds and visual input that you get from experiencing Harmonic Fields:

Love ya!


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