I'm a sister goddess!

Kirsten Stendevad, Trine, Synnöve, Mama Gena, Beth Elliot taking a dance break at the local café during an interview with ZenTV!

So I'm taking this Female Leadership Class with Lotta Alsén right? A class that combines female leadership with business development AND the chakra system! Can you believe it! How awesome is that that we live in a time when those 3 words can even be said in the same sentence. Amazing.

Anyway, this week we are working with the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra. This particular chakra is in charge of a person’s sexual organs, how your emotions are working, how well you can use your brain for things like making decisions, your skills, as well as how creative you may be.

This week's recommended reading for the personal development part was Mama Genas book Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts: How to Use the Power of Pleasure. But before I had the time to even look it up my girlfriend Kirsten Stendevad called me and said: Mama Gena is coming to Copenhagen and we are coming over to visit you and ZenTV on Friday. Cool huh!

Sooooo Friday I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Mama Gena, Kirsten and Beth (COO of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts). AND the next day I also had the honor of attending her one day seminar in Copenhagen - lucky lucky me! So this week I will do my very best to share with the rest of you 5 great things I learned from this amazing woman:

No 1 Goddess Lesson!
Woman are the greatest untapped natural resource on this planet!
Let me say that again:
Woman are the greatest untapped natural resource on this planet!

Fortunately we live in a time when the world is finally going to have to realize this.
And the way you can support/encourage this notion is to start to treat ALL woman around you as your sister goddesses! Acknowledge them. Help them. Relate to them. They are your sisters and together you are going to change this world. So join hands! And by doing so you will elevate not only them but yourself and everyone around you (your family, friends and colleagues...).

So what exactly is this exquisite creature, a Sister Goddess?
(from Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts)

She speaks her mind
She is vibrantly alive
She revels in her originality
She knows what she wants

She is a bit naughty
She is often outrageous
She is her own unique brand of Sassy and Sexy
She uses the power of her own pleasure as a way of life

She loves herself as she is now
She finds pleasure in all that she does
She knows that enjoying herself in the presence of others is a great gift
She tends to flirt with everyone—men, women, babies, dogs, and cats included!

She is a sensual being, a sexual being
She takes reverent care of herself
She has extraordinary relationships with the men and women in her life
She has a scorching sex life

She treats herself like the Goddess she is
She chooses to adore her body, whatever her size, age or circumstance
She has work that is designed and driven by her juiciest desires

She works less, gets more and has fun doing both!
She uses her community of women to support her dreams
She has taken her rightful place as the owner and operator of her life

She is you...

Stay tuned for more. And to all you men out there: stick around because it gets better!

Mama Gena and Trine
Sister Goddess Trine
....and to think I couldn't even write that on my name tag when I arrived at the seminar Saturday...I'm a lot more uptight than people think...believe me I've got issues just like everyone else...but I'm throwing myself in to this journey head first for the simple reason: I see no other way!...so let's see where it leads me...us!

Tempted to attend Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts in New York - check it out here!
Tempted to attend Kirsten Stendevad's Global Goddess School in Copenhagen - check it out here!
Want to transform yourself from woman to Goddess right here and now - check out Kirstens online video workshop on ZenTV here!
Want to hang with other goddesses from around the world in Mama Gena's online community Sister Goddess.com 


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