Our ability to shine!

I'm soooo proud of my girlfriend Janique Svedberg! Last night she went in front of 850 woman at the SHINE event in Stockholm and told her story the way only she can do it. How her mother committed suicide when she was young, how she toured with the Kid Creole & the Coconuts for many years, how she opened up one of New York's most famous galleries, and how underneath it all she was struggling with an alcohol and painkiller addiction. As she put it: She was all SHINE on the outside and completely dead on the inside.

Janique entered the stage dressed like a rock star all glamourous and shining but half way through the speech the lights were dimmed and she undressed - peeled off the outside SHINE - and stood all naked while Christina Aguilera sang: You are beautiful!

It was a magic moment that made us all realize how important it is that we are able to shine all the way through to the soul - that's when the real beauty appear and when life itself becomes beautiful!

Janique also told us about her life today, as a coach and mentor to addicts around the world. She told us how amazing it was to finally shine on the inside. To feel. To be in control. And to be able to help others in the process.

I'm sure we will all hear a lot more about Janique - she has big plans to change this world and I for one believe she will!

Love ya!

PS Check out Janique's workshop HELP! on ZenTV:


  1. Wow! Jag ryser när jag ser det igen. Vilken tjej, vilken energi, vilket mod!!!! Vad kul att vi fick ha med henne på en 4good kväll!

  2. Wow wow wow! Önskar jag hade kunnat vara med! Kram