We are born creative geniuses!

Don't you just love watching kids being creative! There is simply no limit to their imagination. No borders. No "can't dos."Just an endless flow of ideas.

Well you know what! Good news! All that creativity is still in there! You've just buried it underneath all the bills, ambitions, worries...

And that funny feeling you get sometimes that something is completely wrong in your life, that you are working with the wrong trade, trapped in the wrong suit, that is just your creativity talking to you, desperately trying to get your attention. To be found, used and appreciated again!

So if it is still in there why don't you go looking for it. Dig in, until you've found it. Bring it out in the open. Love it. Nurture it. Embrace it!

Do that! See what happens! Awesome things - I'm sure!

And just to remind you of how amazing we used to be. Here is my 4 year old son showing off his home made weapon collection (see what happens when you are trying to be politically correct by not giving them any weapons to play with...a lot of good that did). Although it is in Swedish I'm sure you will get the point!

Go find!

Love ya!


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