You are not your brain!

I will never forget the day when I read the first few lines of Eckhart Tolle's book: The power of now:
...you are not your brain!

First I was like: ya right! are you kidding me!
Then I was like: what! are you kidding me!
Then I was like: seriously! you are not kidding me!

It took me months before I read the rest of the book that would change my life forever.
But first I had to get over the simple fact: that what I had built my entire identity on - my brain - was not me! Then I had to figure out - if I'm not my brain who am I! Then I had to go meet that person and get to know her! A pretty cool chick! But not at all who I thought she was!

Today when my brain tends to take over I do my very own brain meditation, it goes like this:
close you eyes

take a deap breath
visualize that you take out your brain
put the brain in a huge comfy bed with tons of soft blankets
cuddle it in and say:
thank you brain for all the hard work you do but you can take a nap now!
then leave the room!

And if you are curious who YOU are - if you are not your brain - then simply ask yourself towards the end of the meditation:
who was that talking? who put the brain to sleep?
That was YOU!

Love ya!

PS Here is how my dear friend Jim Carrey (ok fine, he is not my friend, never met the guy, just sounded really cool to say that...smile) found out he was not his brain:


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