Florida here I come!

15 years ago I woke up one morning after having worked for 8 years in a row within advertising and the internet in New York But that morning I swore I would never work in the business again. I was sooooo tired and felt soooo sad. Gone was the giggling young ambitious Swede, left was only a burnt out version of her! (se a movie about my story).

So after 8 years of focus on my outer career I began focusing on my inner career instead - although I was of course totally unaware of that back then.

And a first step in that direction was to read a book by Cheryl Richarson called Take time for you life! The book was truly the first of its kind that showed you how to switch from being stressed, unfulfilled, and overworked, to “living a life you love” by using a seven-step process.

Tomorrow, 15 years later, I'm off to the "I can do it!" conference in Tampa, Florida, organized by Hay House Publishing. And guess who is one of the key speakers: Cheryl Richardson! Makes total zense!

I promise to keep you all posted from the event during next week! So stay tuned!

Love you most!


  1. You lucky duck! Louise is my Cheryl - och det måste varit en under bar upplevelse att delta i evenemanget. Tack för rapporten! Kram, Minna :)

  2. Very interesting to read about your experiences. I will also try to find the book as you recommended.
    Take care

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