Give joy! Get joy!

About a year ago I was looking for some kind of mentor who could help me through a tough time with ZenTV. I met with some coaches but didn't really feel the connection. I was looking for something "bigger" - something I couldn't quite put my finger on. A couple of weeks later I found the answer.

A friend of my asked me to become a member of the board for FC Rosengård - a football club with an amazing social responsibility in an area of Sweden with great integration challenges. Reluctantly I agreed, thinking that I "really didn't have the time" and all I really wanted to do was solve my own problems first. But I quickly realized something quite remarkable: by helping others you often end up helping yourself.

Through my work with FC Rosengård I have:
  • gained a new perspective on my own challenges.
  • had the honor of working with incredible people who do so much for other people without expecting anything back.
  • established a new valuable network with other members of the board - people I today am proud to call my friends.
  • gained insight in to a world that I would have never been in contact with otherwise - a world that allows me to appreciate the life I live only 20 minutes away from Rosengård

Today I give FC Rosengård one day of my life a month and in return I get so much more.
So give joy - get joy!
It simply makes zense!

Love ya!


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