I believe I can fly!

We once had a young intern working with us at ZenTV who was an absolutely amazing graphic designer. But when I asked her what she wanted to do in the future she said she was going to become a driving instructor because her mom had always told her that that was a steady and reliable job.

Funny how we put limitations on ourselves based on what we are told as a child - so much so that we fail to see our own brilliance!

Same thing happened to Troy - only Troy is an owl brought up in captivity since he was a few weeks old. Troy has forgotten he is a bird and thus has become afraid of heights. Experts are trying to encourage him to find his wings but Troy wont fly any higher than 5ft 10in - which happens to be the exact height of his handler Mr Tonen.
Read the article about Troy here.

So let's delete all the subconscious tapes from the childhood. 
You are extraordinary!
It simply makes zense!

Love ya!


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