Let your soul catch up!

Most of us are brought up thinking that in order to achieve our goals and grow as human beings we must work hard and "move forward". But the thing is, I have found that it is actually quite the opporsite: it is when we stand still, take a break, let our thoughts rest, let our souls catch up, that we grow as human beings. It is when we allow ourselves some time to reflect that life finally has time to tell us what our "real goals" are - our true purpose in life.

Some of the most frustrating "breaks" I have had to take in my life were:
  • my "burnout" during my years in New York, 
  • my "financial crises" after the IT bubble burst, 
  • my "who-the-hell-am-I-crises" when I had moved back to Sweden after September 11 
But looking back at them now they were all the most important periods of my life and without them I would not be the woman I am today. They allowed me to grow and take my life to a whole new level.

So don't be afraid to take some time out, tonight, this weekend, during 2012, you'd be surprised how much we grow just lying there in our favorite sofa. And remember if life forces you to pause (due to some kind of crises, disease, unemployment...) try and see if you can turn them around to life changing moments instead...

Makes zense? I hope so!

Love ya!


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