Say hi to the worldcitizen

I've always been passionately fascinated by the worldcitizen. 
See if you recognize yourself in this description that I put together for ZenTV and our vision:
  • Most worldcitizens have front loaded their careers and lives – up until now their lives have been one long list of predetermined goals: Get an education. Get a job. Make it to the top. Make money. Get married. Buy a house. Have kids…
  • And now suddenly most of them have achieved these goals - or redefined them.
  • So what’s next? Suddenly there is time for reflection. Time to stop and ask ”What do I really want out of my life?”
Looking for new ways:
  • Many are opening up to a new lifestyle where priorities are redefined and old norms thrown out the window.
  • Status and identity come no longer from the goods they have, but from the experiences they have.
  • They are not afraid to challenge their employer, their religion or outdated norms.
  • Strong individuals, but unselfish, altruistic  – demanding solutions best suited for their particular life situation.
  • They have big egos and don’t lack self-confidence. They take responsibility for their own lives. They’re not self-obsessed, however. They value helping others, ‘community’, sharing, charity. They are "switched on’, socially liberal, mobile, globally and environmentally conscious, well-informed. 
  • One job or career is usually not enough to satisfy their ”creative” hunger. They change jobs (and often careers) on average every 3-4 years. No longer unusual to see a lawyer turn yoga instructor, then copy writer, ending up as a history teacher.
  • The old organizational age system, which split work and life into compartments and required you to be one person here, another there, no longer works - the worldcitizen instead insists on a complex interweaving of work and personal life.
Work-life balance a priority:
  • Most likely to feel stress and time pressure – they suffer from a constant feeling of being rushed.
  • Many worldcitizens complain that there isn’t enough time to do all they want (quite different from feeling that one works too much).
  • The worldcitizen combines intense living with ”peaceful moments”.
  • Their use of time has intensified. They pack every moment full of activities and experiences. But when they finally do have a moment left over they are not afraid to pamper themselves or their families – no matter the cost.
A shift towards inner careers:
  • In their strive to find a new and improved lifestyle, the worldcitizen have opened up to, or are at least curious about, a new kind of spirituality.
  • A spirituality that is not connected with any specific religion but more related to a desire to live more in the now.
  • If all the success they have achieved on the outside still hasn’t made them happy and fulfilled human beings then perhaps it is time to take a look at the inside.
  • Their definition of success will therefore shift from ”outer values” to ”inner values” – where things like ”a creative lifestyle” or ”a sense of flexibility” might be more important than a job title…

Makes zense don't ya think!
You can read more about the worldcitizen on the ZenTV homepage

Love ya!



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