Say no to school?

Having a 12 year-old asking you why he must learn about the history of the world when he can google it sure makes you think about our educational system. My son loves to shoot videos and he is pretty sure he will run an indoor skateboard facility with an integrated production house in it - he has already made all the drawings in 3D of the facility and designed the logo along with a printed T-shirt. So tell me again how I will make sure he doesn't loose this entrepreneurial instinct having to go through another 6-8 years of "traditional" school? I truly believe we (parents, children, teachers) are ready for the learning revolution!

Check out this eye-opening TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson where he explains:
* how education dislocates people from their natural talents
* why teenagers don’t wear wristwatches
* what the education system has in common with burgers + fries

What do you think? Makes zense?

Love ya!


  1. Hej. Tack fòr en inspirerande blogg! Du har en award att hàmta hos mig.
    Soliga kramar,
    Johanna - Living in Sicily

    1. Va kul att höra Johanna! Va jätte glad jag blir! Roligt även att följa din blogg om livet på Sicily - vilket äventyr!
      Stor "inte så solig men väl så go" kram

  2. Tja! Grym TED-video, älskar de avslutande orden:
    "Everyday, everywhere, our children spread their dreams beneath our feet and we should tread softly"

    1. Kul att du gillar Richard! Ja vilka underbara ord att bära med sig.
      Kram från Trine...trippandes på tå!