Where does one find miracles!

There comes a time in our lives when we are in desperate need of a miracle. But where exactly does one find a miracle?

During my evening walks I always pass by the church in Skanör - last night I stopped in front of it and spent a moment in the freezing cold trying to connect with the church to see if it could provide me with the miracle I so desperately wanted to find. All though I have total faith that it probably could give me one I somehow felt that I was not really "related" to the church and thus was not in any position to stand first in line for a miracle - surely others more connected were more entitled? or is there no limit to the amount of miracles the church can hand out?

Continuing my walk I started to think of other places to look and as always - almost like a big billboard on the highway - I saw the words clearly in front of me: look for it within!

I know "I" am the answer to most of the questions I often end up dwelling about - I just seem to forget that during my everyday busy life. Back home I brought out a box of Louise Hays affirmation cards that I had brought home with me from the office that afternoon - as I opened the box this card was "of course" starring me right in the face: I know that I can create miracles in my life!

If I need a miracle in my life - "I" probably stand the greatest chance of providing it - it simply makes zense! (...and if I succeed I will in this case pass it on to the person it is intended for...).

Love ya!


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