Breath in, breath out!

The view from my New York apartment!
During the IT bubble I went to see the doctor in New York complaining about having trouble breathing. It felt as if I wasn't able to take a deep breath all the way down in my stomach - the air never seemed to make it below my upper chest.

The doctor asked me about my working conditions and lifestyle so I proudly told him about my 80 hour workweek at the advertising agency whereupon he looked at me and said: then it is due to stress! I left the doctors office thinking: What an idiot! What kind of a diagnose was that! I went back to the office, decided to ignore the symptoms, and move on with my career....(and we all know how that story ended...)

Today, being so much wiser (and a great deal cuter...;);) I often use my breathing as a status check on how I am doing: if I'm breathing through my stomach then all is ok, if I am breathing through my chest something in my life often has to be adjusted (wether I like it or not).

Makes zense?
Wiser Trine...in Falsterbo
Love ya!


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