Dignity no matter age!

Last year I had the honor of producing an online workshop with one of the "world's" most acclaimed family therapists: Jesper Juul. I picked him up at the airport and already during the ride back I realized Jesper was a big smoker with an even bigger heart! It is rare one gets to chat with people who possesses such an amazing wisdom as Jesper and I am so incredibly proud that we were able to capture everything he said in a workshop that anyone in the world can now access and benefit from.

One thing that has really stuck with me since I spent weeks editing his workshop, is the whole notion of "dignity no matter age" - that we as parents should not build our relationship to our children on "authority" but on "dignity". I so often think of that when I talk to my children. An example:

When arguing with my son I tend to fall back on a very "authority" tone when I no longer have the patience or time to discuss the subject. Afterwards I often ask myself: If you had had an argument with a colleague at work and you had answered him/her the same way - would you have gained that person's respect or would they feel somewhat violated? Try it, you might be surprised by the answer.

Yes we are parents. Yes we know better (most of the time). But love and dignity no matter age simply makes zense! Don't ya think?

Love ya!

PS Check out Jesper Juuls workshop on ZenTV: 21 loving ways to say no to your children!


  1. I do agree. An important approach that works better, but i do also think that you have to be more aware of and value feelings if you handle relations this way.

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