My son, the biter!

While living in New York it was brought to my attention that my 2-year old son Felix kept biting everyone in daycare. Since the daycare was afraid of getting sued by the other parents, who were not that thrilled about my son's artwork on their kids' arms, they told me they would have to throw him out of school if he didn't stop!

So, as the determined mother that I was (read workaholic who didn't want to be interrupted in my important career) I set out to solve the problem. I read every book, went to every seminar, talked to every specialist, tried every technique...you name it, I tried it. But nothing worked!

Then my very wise girlfriend Jean (a young spirit living in a 73 year old body) told me to go and see a healer. Back then my image of a healer was that of a witch sitting in a dark room saying weird things (ya, I was really smart back then..) BUT I was desperate! So, reluctantly I stopped by the healers office and asked her to book a time for my 2-year old son. The healer smiled at me and booked the appointment and upon departure she gave me a stack of papers to fill out before the appointment.

Back home I started to read through the papers and was kind of confused by the questions:
- How would you describe your relationship with your parents? ...eeeehh the kid is 2 years old?
- How would you describe your own personality...hallooo?
I put the papers aside confident that I obviously didn't need to fill them out for an appointment with a 2-year old.

Later that night I started to think of the questions again...and suddenly without realizing it I found myself sitting at my desk answering the questions on behalf of my self...so much so that I at one point switched to the computer in order to get all the words out as fast as possible.

The next morning I called the healer and said:
- I think I should take the appointment with you - instead of my son!
- I know! she said.

The following day I showed up for my appointment with my 100 pages of self exploration (poor woman) and guess what we had to work on the most? The extreme tension in my jaws. All the stress from working nonstop in New York seemed to be summed up in my jaws. In fact, I was so tense I could barely open my mouth all the way - instead I kept biting my teeth so hard I had a constant headache. And guess who copied that tension all day long at daycare? Yep, you guessed it!

Our kids do not as we say but as we do!
From a very early age...all the way through life...

Felix was thrown out of daycare 2 weeks later - okay so he literally ate the founders daughter so not much we could do about it.
But we didn't care, because the minute my tension started to ease up in my jaws he stopped biting and we all became greater human beings in the process! And yes, him being thrown out of daycare forced me to slow down at work which lead to a whole new chapter of my life...so there, it is all connected...and makes total zense! Don't ya think!

Love ya!


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